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In Grecia i cittadini ritirano gli euro dalle banche. In Italia le banche li ritirano dai cittadini.

In Greece citizens are withdrawing money from the banks. It Italy the banks are withdrawing money from the citizens.

Montreal: Naked We Stand…

Thousands of students protested last Thursday, marching naked through the streets of Montreal, opposing to the reform (i.e. the rising fees) of the school system in Canada. This comes after 12 weeks of strike, marked by hundreds of street actions. (Le Monde check-list, 4 Mai 2012)

Nobel prize Joseph Stiglitz, stressed the non sense of trying to get out of a financial crisis (Italy is presently officially in full recession mode) undermining workers’ job security, promoting extreme job-mobility, and savagely cutting expenses. He was speaking two days ago at a conference set up by Italianieuropei, one of the first Italian political foundations ever established, set up by Mr. D’Alema (an ex-communist a.k.a. Baffino, “little moustache”, in a somewhat unfair comparison to Baffone, “big moustache”, i.e. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili). The conference was also attended by Ms. Fornero, the Italian “technical” Minister for Workfare, infamously known for having planned a reform of the job market leaving nearly 350,000 people without a job, and years away from any pension payment.

It might sound a bit over simplistic, but from what is happening all around (the case of Greece being just the cherry on the cake) I’d say that it’s time to turn away from this band of overgrown brats, playing our countries into the hands of multinational corporations, exchanges, and rating agencies. All of them eager to be “socializing losses and privatizing gain”, by the way. And this, as Stiglitz put it on 2 October 2011, meeting the Occupy Wall Street protesters to support their cause, is “not capitalism… it’s a distorted economy”.

(Rome, 4 May 2012)

The Titanic, and after (re-reading an urban studies book)…

"I’ve been rereading Giandomenico Amendola’s Post-Modern City (La città postmoderna. Magie e paure della metropoli contemporanea, 2000). Ten years after, the metaphoric Titanic is sunk: first 2008 and its mortgage crisis, then the EU’s trembling Euro.

That’s the reason, maybe, why I do not find the book really entertaining no more. Sure, there are interesting ideas - the car as an on the road reproduction of a grand hotel, to feel at home everywhere in town, or the distinction about the bateaux-mouche experience in Paris, compared to the much more rewarding walk along the river in Lyon, “City of Lights”, and many other points.

But as a whole, it is no longer the time for a Prozac-years city experience: hedonism and primadonna architects seem to sing out of tune, nowadays… Time - perhaps - to go back to the classics. Lewis Mumford’s The City in History, maybe?”

By mistake, I posted to last Friday’s issue of “The Museum Studies Weekly" only the title of my Editor’s note, but not the text… I’ve corrected this, in the meantime, but here’s a version of it, fopr those who looked for it in the Weekly, not finding it.

My apologies for this!

clipped wings: In flagrante delicto


M è tornata dal supermercato ieri, pallida e tremando. E mi ha raccontato:

1 ora fa. Conad, in fila alla cassa. Mentre poggio la mia merce sul nastro un uomo, 30-35 anni, mi scavalca passandomi dietro con in mano un sacchetto del pane e altre piccole cose. Seccata, perchè pensavo “beh potevi…

Read the full post (it comes in an English translation, as well). What the Italian crisis concretely looks like in an everyday experience, today at a supermarket near Rome…

clipped wings: Wanted – grownups – desperately


The other evening - writes James Walston in his latest blog post - I was talking to an Argentinian who gave me graphic descriptions of their 2001 crisis – not the default and the financial side, which is fairly clear in an abstract sort of way, but the social side. He explained that just…

Italy - and what could be ahead…

Excellent point!

Excellent point!

Italian Revolution (‘cause enough is enough!)

Too early to judge if that’s real change or hype… But it’s refreshing, though!  :-)

In Rome - at 8 pm tonight in piazza di Spagna - (as well as in many other Italian towns) twitter and FB call for a meeting leading to change, against crisis, desperation, and privileges. It’s not just a thing for young people (though they are most affected, possibly) - merely stating “it’s gone too far” is no longer enough, now!

Search for more info under hash-tag #italianrevolution

clipped wings: [Italy is] Punching below its weight


By just about any measure, writes James Walston, Italy should be at the forefront of international affairs (“the least of the great powers” as it was once called) and should be leading the international community in its attempts to resolve the Libyan crisis. And yet this is clearly not the case….

As usual - a very good analysis of Italian politics (does something like that exist???), by James Walston: why the country is a totally unreliable partner…


save the new york public library.


i have been a library patron since i was four years old when my mother signed me up for my first library card. rita mae brown wrote, “when i got my library card, that was when my life began.” this was true for me, and based on how passionate the blogging community is about their books, it is obvious that this is not a precious, unique snowflake experience—we all grew up this way, enriched by books and harnessing the power of our library cards.

the new york public library is currently facing $37 million dollars in budget cuts.

please donate. if you can’t afford to make a cash donation, please write your elected officials to let them know how valuable the new york public library is to our community.

I remember reading there late at night, back in Summer 1986, when I first landed in NY. It was just wonderful!

And now this awful news about budget cuts… How about some cuts to the fu**ing weapon biz, instead???

Cultural Heritage crisis in Italy (1/3): “Budget cuts are not enough, let’s cut the fundamentals!” Over 11,000 State-owned sites for sale…