At the Hospital
<b>Me (for the umptieth time):</b> You've got to drink a bit, mom...<p><b>Mom:</b> I did so already, some time ago.<p><b>Me:</b> Yes, I know... but it's by far not enough.<p><b>Mom:</b> I can't...<p><b>Me:</b> You should, though - not drinking enough is really bad for your health. I'm starting to get worried about you...<p><b>Mom:</b> You are starting to get worried... You mean, you care for me?<p><b>Me:</b> Of course I do, mom - I love you.<p><b>Mom (drinks a drop):</b> You know, son? You have a weird way of letting me know this...<p><b>We hugged for a while - how thin and helpless was she now, like a little bird, after over five months through hospitals - then she laid back and rested. The next day a stroke hit her, leaving her unconscious for another two full days. After this, she passed away. It was late in the evening on the 1st of February 2012.</b><p>
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