Aesthetics Against the Mafia

Day after day, almost without noticing it, the culture and behaviour of the Mafia become more and more a widely disseminated habit, while its sickly different being is no longer perceived as such” (Saverio Lodato and Roberto Scarpinato, Il ritorno del principe, Milan, Chiarelettere 2008, S. 87).

Starting from 12 April 2011 Rome’s Goethe-Institut has organized a series of events giving word to those individuals and organizations that try to oppose the Mafia in daily life, and involving film directors, journalists, cartoonists and many other representatives of the Italian and German civil society.

Next Tuesday, 10 May 2011 (at 20:30, free entrance), Art will be in focus: Which language, which aesthetics can best serve the anti-Mafia movements, making their efforts to fight against indifference more effective?

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